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Your diamond is the centerpiece of your life. It symbolizes the strength of your love with bold, bright, beautiful brilliance. When it’s time to find the gemstone that says it all, the options seem endless. Especially if you are choosing between naturally mined diamonds and lab grown sparklers. But, don't get hung up on the semantics of diamonds.

Lab grown gemstones and those that are mined from the earth are chemically identical. Both sparkle and shine with the same indistinguishable luster. In fact, the only difference between the two types is the way in which they are sourced.

When carbon, heat and an enormous amount of pressure mingle, a vibrant diamond forms. This process can occur deep below the earth’s surface or in a highly controlled lab. The latter allows diamonds to form within a matter of weeks as opposed to millions of years. And, because the costs of mining labor are cut out of the equation, lab grown diamonds are more affordable even at larger carat sizes. So, you get more bling for your buck.

At Diamond District, we hand pick only the best natural and lab grown diamonds to ensure you find the perfect piece to fit your needs. Visit Jason and Todd to browse our impressive selection of lab grown stunners today.


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