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The largest selection and most competitive prices in the world on diamond stud earrings.

Jason and Todd know exactly how important diamond studs are to your collection. When it comes to classic diamond jewelry, there is no better gift or self purchase than a pair of diamond studs. They fit, mix and match with every outfit, style and occasion, from daytime casual to ballroom nights! We hand-select each and every diamond that we sell and guarantee that you will not find a better price, or a better diamond, in any store or on any website.

Most competitive prices in the world on Diamond Studs. Call, click the chat button below, or send us a message.

.50 ctw $475
.75 ctw $795
1.00ctw $985
1.50 ctw $1,995
2 ctw $3,985
3 ctw $17,900
4 ctw $22,900
For larger carat weights please inquire below by emailing Jason or Todd.

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