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Jason and Todd love what they do, they have a true passion for the jewelry industry. The pair met while working together for another jewelry retailer in Ohio each had their own area of expertise, together they became a vital part of the expansion of that retailer.

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Todd Schusterman

If there is such a thing as being destined for any career, I would fit into that mold. I was born into a family who had spent their lifetimes in the jewelry business. My Grandfather opened his first jewelry store in 1919. My Father followed in his footsteps, took over his family business in the mid 50’s, and ran the company until his death in 1987. Growing up, our downtown jewelry store was a second home where I spent hours as a kid getting help with my homework, cleaning showcase glass, and choosing Christmas music to be played. When I was about ten years old I was given what I considered to be my first real job, making bows for the gift wrap. As I look back, this may be where I learned a very impactful lesson. The expectations my Mother and Father had on the beauty and perfection of those bows was for very good reason. Engagements, birthdays, anniversaries, and very special moments lay hidden in the boxes those bows sat on. I fell in love with this business and the romance that surrounds it and made the decision to make it my life’s work.

When I graduated school, I was welcomed into our family business. I’m grateful for the five short years I was able to work with and learn the business from my Father. In 1989, our family sold its store to a larger firm, where I continued my career. It was here where Jason and I first met. I worked for this retailer for fourteen years, recruiting, training, and managing store operations for 10 locations. Fourteen years later, in 2003, Jason and I made the decision to partner together and launch the Diamond District.

Fifteen years later, I find myself in love with the diamond business as much as my first day. Much has changed over the years, but as my Grandfather shared with my Father who shared with me, business is all about relationships. That is certainly one thing that continues to hold true today. I love the relationships I have with my business partner and my brother, who I’m fortunate to work with day in and day out, our team, and the many clients who I’m proud to call Diamond District family today.

In the community, I have served on the Board of Athletics for Florida Gulf Coast University and continue to offer my support there today. Currently, I am Co-Chairing the Gala, which supports The Sidney & Berne Davis Art Center.

When I’m not in the store I enjoy traveling, spending time with my two beautiful daughters as well as my grandson and I love being called upon to be sou chef for my girlfriend in the kitchen.

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Jason Sherman

The jewelry business was not even on my radar when I graduated, but after a long weekend with my Mother and her partner in 1989, they were able to talk me into giving the business a try. They convinced me to give it one season. I moved from the nightlife and fast pace of Miami Beach, Florida to a calm, quiet farming community in Ohio. It was here that I did in fact develop a passion for the jewelry business. I learned fast and moved up quickly in the company. Within a year, I was traveling the world, buying diamonds and forging precious relationships in the industry, most of which I have continued to hold onto through today. It was in 1989, on that very first day I started in the jewelry business, that I met Todd. He and I worked together for fourteen years for this retail jewelry company, helping grow it from the one store to twelve stores over the course of those years. In 2003, Todd and I went into business for ourselves, partnering to open the Diamond District. We opened in a 1400 square foot location, outgrew it in 2009, and opened our 6000 square foot showroom where you’ll find me most days. I absolutely love the jewelry business and all its moving parts.

In the community, I have served on the board for the Heart Ball and Todd and I continue to host various charity events in our store. I believe that being locally involved is important and living in Southwest Florida a privilege. Todd and I truly enjoy connecting with and celebrating our community.

When I take time off, I love playing poker, watching sports with my daughter, babysitting Raider, my new favorite puppy, and spending time at the beach.

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