Diamond Buying SucksListen... On the surface, I get it. You want to save as much cash as possible! I can relate to that.

Here's the Problem: There is so much more to the beauty of a diamond than what you'll find on the certificate and a picture on the monitor. More importantly, you're not going to save any money anyway! We beat online prices by buying directly from the mines of DeBeers and importing the diamonds back to Diamond District.

Let's have some fun with this! Do me a favor and go online to Blue Nile's website. If you do not know much about Blue Nile, they are the 800 pound gorilla that does over $400 million in diamond sales each year. They scare the hell out of retail jewelry businesses today... but not us!

Diamond Clarity ColorOnce you're there, search this diamond:

  • 1.00ct. Round Brilliant
  • Si1 clarity
  • F Color
  • Ideal Cut

Do you see what I see? 247 diamond options, all priced differently, from $5,007 to $7,950. Why do you think they are priced so differently? CAN YOU BELIEVE PEOPLE ACTUALLY THINK THAT ONE SELLER JUST HAPPANED TO HAVE THIS DIAMOND FOR $3,000 LESS THAN THE MOST EXPENSIVE ONE? AND DO YOU REALLY THINK THE CHEAPER ONE IS MORE BEAUTIFUL?

Not in this industry. Not a chance.

It's simple. No two diamonds are alike and there is a wide range of tolerances within any one diamond grade. So, if I put all these diamonds in front of you with identical cut, color, clarity and carat weight listed on the diamonds certificate, the cheapest ones will not be as desirable and this is not a coincidence. Your favorite ones will be more expensive than the others, because they are more beautiful.

I've been in this business for 35 years and I've probably seen over 500,000 diamonds. Heck, I could show you over 5,000 diamonds if you walked in our store today, and I want to. I want to show you why buying diamonds online sucks. I want to put a beer, wine, champagne, apple juice, water, or soda in your hand, introduce you to actual human beings and show you as many diamonds as you want, until you find the perfect one for you. Better yet, I'll beat the online price you've found, every single day. Why? Because I can!

- Todd Schusterman

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